Complex, multifaceted, stubborn. Depression is a real mental illness you or someone you love likely has dealt with or is dealing with. These winter days, as beautiful as they can be, produce little-to-no sunshine and this, combined with shifts in hormonal responses + food choices + well, life, nudged us to deeper explore the issue of nutrition and how it affects our mental well-being.

We stumbled upon a podcast from our friends at Precision Nutrition and they just nail it. You guys, it’s one of the best bouts of information on this topic of nutrition + depression we’ve ever heard and this is a subject near to our hearts. It’s full of raw, real, understandable, practical information while still maintaining the respect and weight such a topic demands. Instead of writing it out for you today, we thought we’d share the audio link directly…make some space tonight to listen as you finish the dishes (we can’t be the only ones still cleaning up the kitchen at 9:30pm, right?!) 😉 or tomorrow as you commute to work, or maybe on your lunch break. Grab a pen to take some notes and we hope you find some hope in this message and some real golden nuggets you can implement into your life step by step.

You’ll learn:

  • What lifestyle factors may contribute to poor brain health
  • What inflammation is and what it does to our brain function
  • What in the world your intestines have to do with your mood
  • What foods, nutrients, environmental factors, and movements help feed and support your brain (aka how to find what works for you)

It’s an easy 20-min listen that we promise will be worth your time. It may just provide a little sunshine to your day, too.

Enjoy! –>

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