It comes as no surprise to most of us that our bodies change as we age. Many of us wonder:

  • Why does my shape change?
  • Why aren’t my legs nice and muscular anymore?
  • Why can I eat the same amount but gain weight?
  • Why can’t I play a game of pick-up basketball or go sledding with my kids without feeling like everything hurts and I’m dying afterwards? lol
  • Or, more seriously, why is “not able to stand up off the toilet” one of the main reasons individuals enter nursing homes or need assisted care? 🙁

This article from the British Journal of Sports Medicine outlines the answers to these questions and it starts with that fact that as we get older we begin to lose muscle mass, approximately 1% every year. But more importantly, the decline in muscle strength declines at a rate 3-times greater. This has profound effects for everyday life…

Muscles are responsible for not only a youthful, athletic look but also for keeping your metabolism high and for proper function. While we shouldn’t spend our mental energy and time grieving or trying to panically fight these body changes, there are doable ways to gracefully SLOW these aging signs down – even REVERSE them!


If you’re a member with us, you know that lifting weights 2-3 times per week is like a MAGIC PILL for the body. It’s described as “one of the most underutilized drugs available in everybody’s medicine cabinet.” 

  • Are you in your 20s? –> Now is the time to strength train to gain as much bone density as possible because after about age 30, you can only maintain or lose it. Eek!


  • Are you thinking about getting pregnant? –> Now is the time to strength train to help your body function properly, prepare for the physical changes of pregnancy, and increase your muscle mass for a much easier transition back to the physique you desire post-delivery.


  • Are you a recreational athlete/runner? –> Now is the time to strength train to help you become more efficient in your sport, prevent injury, and make the right muscles fire at the right time.


  • Are you a busy parent and/or employee? –> Now is the time to strength train to get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to exercise. Choose strength training as your first exercise priority – as you can do more for your lean physique and mental health in the shortest amount of time by lifting weights.


  • Are you in your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s? –> Now is the time to strength train to keep hormonal balance in check, to eliminate excess body fat, and to keep muscles strong so you can keep doing what you love to do: spend time with family, work around the house, engage in your hobbies, and live an independent life for as long as possible.

It’s never too late to start strength training, but the sooner you start, the more joy + physical and mental awesomeness you’ll experience. Our members frequently share what a game changer lifting weights has been and we know that everyone, at any age, can benefit!

== > You can read what some of these Valeoians have to say about their newfound abilities and buff bods HERE) 🙂 <==

Does this all sound good, but you’re not sure where to start or what will be most effective for you?

Let us handle it!

(It’s what we love to do…and you’ve got enough on your plate, right?). 

  • We’ll write you a YEAR-LONG STRENGTH TRAINING PROGRAM and coach you through it 1-3 times per week in an environment described as “full of knowledge and support in a private, accepting, boutiquey-but-inclusive-for-all-abilities space”.
  • We’ve even got a Nutrition Program, larger group Conditioning Classes + extended Open Gym Hours to come repeat your program on your own…all included with your Semi-Private Training package, for less cost than most traditional stand-alone Personal Training packages. Woot Woot!

Here’s even better news: we’re running a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. Sign up now for an annual Semi-Private membership and you’ll receive all your training in December gratis.

It’s our way of sharing some Merry and helping you realize the power of your best you.

Your NOW and your FUTURE are worth it!

Jess + Team Valeo

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What will your “word” be in 2018?

Let’s do this!

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