Yak Trax are traction devices you easily strap onto the bottom of your shoe, providing instant ice and snow-gripping ability. Walk or run with confidence with as much stability as you would on dry ground.

I’ve heard about Yak Trax (and similiar items) before, but never tried them out, opting instead to brave the snow and ice on my own…until I realized my runs were more about bracing myself not to fall than actually getting a good run in. I’ve been using these all winter this year and am amazed at how comfortable and steady they are. I honestly can run on any surface and not feel like I’m going to slip! I’m recommending them to everyone!!!

Here are some cool features:
* Made for stability on ice and packed snow
* Provides 360 degrees of traction

* Made with high strength, abrasion resistent 1.4 mm steel coils (not spikes, that can dull).
* The heavy-duty natural rubber material easily conforms to the shape of your boot or shoe.
* Easy on, easy off
* Can be worn in temps as low as -41 degrees Farenhuit.
* Ultra-light, walk or run naturally (even on sections of pavement that are clear).
* Ideal for walkers, hikers, runners, hunters, those who work outside or simply anyone needing to feel more secure walking across areas like a parking lot!

Check them out online at: or buy them at your local sporting goods store. I bought mine HERE last year, for about $15.

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