When we feel we’ve fallen off the trajectory toward our goals, it’s easy to check out, think negatively of ourselves, or give up and stop all-together.

But if it’s one thing I’ve learned in my own health and fitness journey, it’s that nothing gets better by accident or by beating ourselves up mentally. (amen??)

So, what do we do when things don’t go the way we were hoping or circumstances throws a wrench in our expectations?

1. Expect the ebbs and flows.

Challenges WILL come and you won’t always overcome them. And it’s ok and normal and good.

Keep this chart in your head as a reminder that ‘good enough’ can still lead to GREAT.


You see, success is almost never linear and there will be days or seasons that just well, feel like a mess. And days or seasons where everything feels easy and smooth.

It’s the big picture that matters.

2. Look back.

Reflect on your circumstance and give yourself grace for when you may have felt like you slipped. Changing coping mechanisms and defaults takes time and practice! Ask yourself,

a. “Could I have done better?” (the answer could be maybe / maybe not).

b. “What were my biggest derailers? Do I need to give myself grace or could I have created more structure and discipline in that moment? Am I willing to practice that structure and discipline the next time it happens?”

c. “What did I actually do REALLY WELL, despite my circumstances?” Train your brain to focus on the big and small WINS, not where you feel like you failed.

3. Move forward.

Identify the next step. “Even in the midst of the mess, what’s the ONE thing I CAN do right now that will help me feel successful?” Then, do that.

Don’t give up! A bigger picture perspective and 1% better next step are waiting just around the corner.

Jessica + Team Valeo

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