You probably know what kind of environments make it harder for you to eat well – here are a few of mine:

Social gatherings

Busy Schedule

Chaotic Home Life


Here’s a question, though…Have you ever thought about what kind of environments make it EASIER for you to eat well?

It wasn’t until I deep cleaned my fridge and pantry as part of our (Even More) Awesome Challenge that I realized what an impact a clean space had on how I felt.

I had a lighter attitude. I felt accomplished. I felt like eating well wasn’t overwhelming anymore.

All from an organized and glistening clean fridge?! 


It feels silly to admit something so small could create such a cosmic shift in my mindset…but how cool is that?! I didn’t need anything drastic to get me out of the dumps, I just needed to have a clean space.

Kinda wild.

How about you? Could deep cleaning your fridge, pantry, and cupboards be the domino that relieves you of the nutrition overwhelm? 

Remove expired items, dump old leftovers, donate foods you know you won’t use, organize like-products in containers, put pretty and colorful produce in sight. Heck, take a few extra minutes to scrub the shelves and walls.

The finished product…I wish I had a before. Believe me when I say it was disgusting! ha.

And remember…as you take everything out to deep clean, the mess will be worse before it gets better. It will all be worth it!

We intentionally clean out our kitchen space during the (Even More) Awesome challenges because nutrition…

It’s about your frame of mind and making your environment more convenient and easier to eat better food more often.

Are you up for the challenge? Click the button below to let us know “you’re in” to setting yourself up for success with a deep clean of your fridge and pantry this week.

‘Cause your environment matters. And when it comes to looking, moving, and feeling (even more) awesome, you must identify those 1% better things you CAN do.

…then keep doing them.

You’ve got this!

Jess & Team Valeo

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