This week, we’re talking about practicing One Small Change in order to look, move and feel (even more) awesome: the habit, or practice, of food prepping.

However, food or meal prep can feel overwhelming, so we found a perfect first step is to focus just on prepping proteins and veggies.

In this quick video, I share: 

1. Why just protein and veggies?
2. How much protein do men need each meal? How much do women need each meal?
3. What are some easy proteins to prep? 
4. Do frozen veggies count?

…and more! 

–> If you find yourself grabbing fast food all-too often, or want to eat more lean & clean but aren’t sure how to make food prep an actually do-able task, this video is for you.  

Habit change takes intentionality. 

And remember, Practice Makes Progress.

What will you practice prepping this week?

Jess & Team Valeo

Watch Video Below!

(with captions)

This habit is the third in a series with WZZM13 called “One Small Change.”
You can check out the aired TV feature and web story HERE. 🙂
In case you missed it, the last habit was: Get Better Sleep
We’ll be back with WZZM13 in the New Year to offer more One Small Changes that make a big impact on your wellness

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