Over half of our members have been participating these last 12 weeks in a challenge called SummerStrong. The goal is to achieve intentionality andconsistency across four areas, what we’re calling our CORE FOUR: Move More, Eat Well, Sleep Deep and Stress Less.

One of the items they needed to perform consistently was drinking a big glass of water (at least 6 oz) within 15 minutes of waking up. We loved having the tracking cards come across our desk and seeing how many of them are nailing this habit.

For some, drinking water throughout the day was no problem – but drinking it first thing was new. For others, drinking water was something they struggled with already, so purposely having a glass upon waking was a way to get some in, no matter what.

Why drink water first thing in the morning?

There are numerous benefits to guzzling H20 right after you wake up (yes, even before – maybe especially before 🙂 – that first cup of coffee).

  • Gets your metabolism and digestion working right, right away. We wake up slightly dehydrated from normal sleeping patterns, so providing pure water to our system is a great way to get those processes revved up again.
  • Helps your body flush out toxins. Wanna “detox?” Don’t be too fooled by fancy gimmicks…just eliminate often! Ha, yes, going to the bathroom – both kinds – is the best detox you could ask for. Really. This is why it’s so important to be ‘regular.’
  • Provides your brain with fluid so you can feel more alert and focused and less fatigued. More water may even help minimize mood fluctuations.
  • Enables you to eat less by filling the stomach and helping you reach a point of satisfied-not-stuffed quicker. Those who drank water before a meal lost 4.5 lbs over 3 months without changing other factors, according to this study.

Perhaps the biggest reason to establish this habit is that you’ll likely just start to feel (even) more awesome! This simple routine of drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake (we say within 15 minutes) may just be the dominoyou’re looking for to not only start the morning right but to also provide positive momentum to continue other healthy habits throughout your day.

So, CHEERS to being intentional and consistent…the two foundations for solid habit change and killer results….

And it could all just start with a simple first-thing glass of good ‘ol powerful H2O! 

Jess + Team Valeo

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