Hope College has a fantastic Wellness Program in place called Hope’s Healthy Options (H20 Wellness). Valeo is blessed to be one of those options – Mike and I are the personal trainers available at the DeVos Fieldhouse and I lead 2 group classes, each twice a week, called Muscle Movements for the faculty and staff.

Since Hope is on Christmas break for most of this month, we decided to meet “off the record” for an interim period. I’m so pumped that the ladies enjoy the class enough to want to keep doing it even on their break! This will undoubtedly help them keep up their fitness in the holiday season, and get them ready for the start of a new Muscle Movements session for the spring semester.

This week, many of the participants brought their kids along for a workout – it was SO much fun! We took over the basketball stadium today and this amazing group did 50 minutes of circuit-style pushes, pulls, legs, core and high-intensity cardio. I LOVED watching the kids exercising with their parent – what a powerful impact this will have for them! The high-fives between families and cheering each other on made my heart smile. They inspire me!

Here are some pics I snapped during our workout:

T-stablization push-ups off the bleachers, running stairs, squats with medicine ball tosses...they rock!

Running 3 court-length down and backs to finish the workout!

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