“There are two ways to elevate your fitness: 

1. Lift consistently and intelligently, get lots of quality sleep, eat a killer diet that thrills you and surround yourself with a fitness family.
2. Do all of the above, and also beat yourself up every day for not being “where you want to be.”
Either way, you’ll probably achieve the same results, but with Option 2, you get there miserably. With Option 1, you set your life on fire.”

– Neghar Fonooni

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How’s your mindset? Are you celebrating your capabilities, accomplishments, (even looks!) and finding the joy in the right now, not just the someday?

One day you may look back and think “Look at me! I wish I was proud of myself back then.” 

You’re worth being proud of, even now. Especially now.

Jess + Team Valeo

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