In years past, breakfast looked like a bowl of sugary cereal, then it was cereal with a little fiber (the kind you don’t really love but eat anyway because it’s “healthy”…??!), then it was yogurt, then it was some toast, and then I moved to oatmeal…not all in the same meal, mind you (LOL), but over shifts in my nutritional list of “shoulds”. All of these aren’t horrible options, but I realized a few things on my nutrition journey: 1. I was always super hungry shortly afterwards, always looking to munch on more sweets and 2. I discovered I actually like something a little savory in the morning.

Breakfast most every morning these days looks like a hearty helping of eggs with a piece of toast and maybe some chicken breakfast sausage or even Sauerkraut. Yesterday morning after MetCon, I was in a hurry and this leftover dish of chicken, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and plain whole milk yogurt hit the spot.

And why not?! :)) ….It may not be what we consider “traditional breakfast foods” (how did we even determine what those are?!) but it’s totally up to you to decide what works for you! Yesterday, #dinnerforbreakfast worked perfectly for me – I left satisfied, filled with energy, and with much more stable blood sugars than my processed cereal days. I hope this encourages you to break out of the norm and try new ways of eating. You never know what might feel amazing for you!


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