Custom Training

Have you ever…

  • Walked into a gym and wondered where in the world to start or if what you’re doing is actually effective?
  • Been intimidated by the thought of exercise, especially strength training, but know you should probably do it?
  • Wanted personalized help for your fitness but not at 1-on-1 personal training rates?

A Custom Training membership uses our expertise and a scheduled workout plan made just for you that will get you stronger, moving better and feeling fit, all within a Semi-Private setting.

What does Semi-Private mean?

“Semi-Private” means personal training…with a bit of community. After we create your custom program, you’re coached through it weekly with a trainer in a small group of up to three or four others, with each person doing their own program. This builds a sense of connectedness to your fitness family while also developing some autonomy, where all eyes aren’t on you the entire time. Sharing a coach allows you to receive a personal training experience at a more accessible rate and still focus on reaching your personal goals.

How do you develop a custom workout plan for me?

Your plan begins with a free Strategy Session and a Functional Movement Screen. This is a simple assessment to get a baseline of where you’re starting and where you’d like to go. Our program designer will receive these results + your personal goals to create a strategic, safe, and effective workout program specifically for you. You’ll be coached through your personalized workout plan one or two times per week and, over time, you’ll receive a new program that changes as your fitness progresses. Never walk into the gym intimidated by what to do or how to do it! We’re with you each step of the way as you find or fine-tune your inner athlete.

Want to accelerate your results?

As a Custom Training member, you can:

  • Get a cardio boost to your fitness by attending unlimited Group Classes each week, no extra cost.
  • Come in for Open Gym as often as you’d like to repeat your custom workout on your own, no extra cost.
  • Automatically be included in our “Buy 10-Get-1-Free” Supplement Loyalty Program where you enhance your nutrition and recovery and we reward you with free loot!
  • Receive discounted or complimentary access to Valeo / Nutrition Challenges

First step in exploring membership at Valeo: Book a Visit! We’ll give you a Tour and free Strategy Session to get you started on your (even more) awesome journey.