Dear members,

We’re reaching out again to let you know that as we are continuing our intensive methods of keeping the gym a clean, safe space, and we are also are taking additional steps that will allow your all-important workouts to continue in a safe, comfortable manner.

Keeping safe distances

We’re fortunate to not be a massively-packed mainstream gym and to be able to provide everyone adequate personal space. With this in mind, please join us in taking efforts to keep a distance of at least 6 feet between people. We’ll be setting up your RAMP mats more spread out and classes will intentionally have more space between participants.

MetCon Classes – changed format

We’re changing our circuit-style format to a “command style” workout where everyone will have their own equipment rather than moving from station to station.


  • Go to the restroom when you arrive and wash your hands before you enter the gym area.
  • Use the disinfectant in the spray bottles (we’ve doubled the amount of bottles around the gym) or the Lysol wipes to clean off your RAMP mats and any equipment you touch.
  • Wait one minute after you spray the disinfectant and wipe with the towels we provide. Place used towels in the laundry basket when done.
  • Use the hand sanitizer on the gym tables between exercises.
  • Wipe your clipboards down after use.
  • Stay home if you find yourself not feeling well.

We will continue to:

Multiple times per day: sanitize every shared surface like tables, door handles, railings, drawers, lockers, faucets, drinking fountains, etc and daily sanitize the gym and bathroom floors.

With these cleanliness and distancing practices in mind, keep your immune system strong by sleeping well, eating lots of fruits and vegetables and keeping consistent with your exercise here’s why!

In the May 2019 issue of “Journal of Sport & Health Science,” the article titled, “The Compelling Link Between Physical Activity & the Body’s Defense System” had some important takeaways.

Here are the highlights:

  • Exercise is an immune system adjuvant that improves immune defense activity and metabolic health
  • Data supports a clear conclusion: moderate exercise reduces risk of illness
  • Exercise training reduces inflammation in a variety of ways
  • Regular exercise improves immune regulation
  • Habitual exercise delays the onset of age-related immune disfunction

That’s just one article – but it supports what we know anecdotally and via decades of international research by top universities and researcher.

We look forward to building strong, fit people with healthy immune systems and continue to be a happy place to destress.

Sending healthy vibes your way!

Jess + Team Valeo

PS – due to the exponentially larger number of attendees present at once, our all-women Community Workout this Saturday, March 21 will be postponed. Please stay tuned for when we can reschedule this event that will support so many women-in-need!

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