In physics, “Work” is done whenever a force causes a displacement.

In the core exercise below, you’ll shake, you’ll sweat, your muscles will burn…but since nothing moves or is displaced, no work will have technically taken place.

What a drag!

No, seriously, this exercise is called the Lateral Isometric Drag.

A big name, I know.

Lateral = you’re “pulling” from the side
Isometric = no movement is happening
Drag = you’re imagining dragging the weight across the body

It’s one of the best core exercises and we’ve got variations for whatever level of fitness you happen to be.

Level 1: Quadruped position (on all fours)

Level 2: Bear position (knees off ground)

Level 3: Tall Plank position

Check out the quick video below to watch exactly how to do each one – I even use a backpack so you can replicate this easily at home.

Keep practicing! You’ll make your lats, your abs, your hips…your whole body SO strong and happy.

Cheers to “no work” and all gains! 😉

– Jess

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