Conviction and shame are both powerful motivators.


Conviction happens when your actions don’t line up with your values. It says “This behavior isn’t serving me. I know I can do better and I get to make a change.”


Shame makes you believe the root of the issue is simply you. It says “I’m a failure. I can’t do anything right and now I have to undo the things I’ve done wrong.”


BOTH will get you out the door, help you turn your back on unhealthy behaviors, and propel you toward better.


The difference? 


Operating out of shame is exhausting and eventually sucks the joy out of an experience.


Operating out of conviction brings humble confidence, gratification, and sustainable change.


It’s okay to examine our lives and expect more of ourselves. But let that critique be out of a conviction of your behaviors, not a demoralizing criticism of self.


Doing so separates the behavior (not awesome) from the person (awesome).


What is your inner voice telling you lately?


When it comes to exercising and eating well, are you operating miserably out of shame or confidently out of conviction?


We can promise, one is more fun than the other.

Jess & Team Valeo


PS – If you’ve been feeling convicted lately about your exercise and eating habits, we’re here to help. Book a Free Strategy Session and let’s get you looking, moving, and feeling (even more) awesome.

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