I love coffee – the warmth, the coziness, the bitterness, depth. It’s a relaxing French Pressed cup on the couch to start the day, a reward after a good workout, a companion for a productive work day and maybe even the perfect compliment to a treat at night.

While there are many known benefits of (black) coffee, if you’re a regular drinker, you know the caffeine fix is awesome…until it’s not.

Over consumption can mean the jitters, irritability, anxiousness, a burning stomach, taxed adrenals and even a racing heartbeat.

This is why, in our (Even More) Awesome Challenge, we just purposely went a couple of days without a java fix and are aiming to reduce our overall caffeine intake over the next six weeks.

The goal? Still enjoy a cup or two but avoid the not-so-good that overconsumption can cause.

With that in mind, I wanted to share some coffee alternatives I’ve used to reduce my caffeine intake and still get the cozy-in-a-cup I’m looking for.

Here’s what I found.

1. Rasa

This company is humorously witty and founded by a mom who wanted to drink coffee while nursing…but also wanted calm. Lowering my caffeine intake started very much the same way, so I really related to this story! Rasa Coffee has become a favorite and comes in three blends, some which do contain a bit of actual coffee mixed in for balance: Calm Energy, Lively Energy and Happy Energy. Dandelion root and roasted chicory give it that coffee flavor and ingredients like cacao and cinnamon make it extra delicious.

What makes Rasa so nice, though, are the special adaptogenic herbs in it that actually benefit the adrenal system and help our bodies respond better to stress. WIN!

Rasa is perfect for someone with a French Press as the grounds are pressed in the same way.

2. Dandy Blend

This blend is made from just five ingredients: extracts of barley, rye, dandelion, chicory and beet roots. Dandy Blend has a bit of natural sweetness and can even help ease stomach upset. It’s an ‘instant’ powder…just stir into hot water and you’re good to go!

3. Four Sigmatic (my fave subscription!)

This dark roast organic and fair trade instant coffee does have a little bit of caffeine (half a cup of coffee worth) mixed with mushrooms (!) – specifically, lions mane – a type of mushroom, not actual lion hair ;)) and chaga mushroom. The lions mane is considered some of the best brain food for focus and chaga supports the immune system. Together, Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee supports productivity, focus, and creativity.

It’s the product that taste the most similar to regular coffee, in my opinion.

Each of these options are full-bodied and delish on their own for those who enjoy black coffee like myself. For a treat, though, they can be blended with your favorite milk, creamer (unsweetened almond milk + coconut cream Nutpods are my go-to), or any other goodness you enjoy.

So, I’m curious – have you tried a coffee alternative you love? Share it with us by replying here!

Cheers to caffeine…in a calm, adrenal-supporting, still-can-sleep-later way. 🙂


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