Being a weight training-focused facility, some people have asked “but what do you do for cardio?” You see, we don’t have rows and rows of treadmills or spin bikes or ellipticals. All those things can be useful to a degree (if you like them) but science and our own experience tell us that spiking the metabolism and improving the cardiovascular system *with weights* is not only highly efficient but also much more effective, both during the workout and for hours after. Even athletic endeavors like running, cycling or field sports can be immensely impacted by higher intensity, shorter duration energy system training – right in the gym – without putting in tons of time or risking a repetitive overuse injury.

Weighted Flows like the one in the video below put your body in a metabolic frenzy and are killer for getting the heart-strengthening benefits of “cardio.” It’s why we tag them on to the end of most strength workouts or have them as standalone plans.

Sure, we have an awesome rower and an air assault bike but what do we (mostly) do for cardio? We lift weights, faster.

Metabolic Flow:

1-arm Swing + Snatch + Squat = 1 Sequence

7 sets of 1 sequence, per side (rest 30 seconds between sets)
5 sets of 3 sequences, per side (rest 60 seconds between sets)
3 sets of 5 sequences, per side (rest 90 seconds between sets)
1 set of 7 sequences, per side

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