I scribbled these two words onto the bottom of my last workout program.

I had been finding myself skimping a bit during my lifts, doing the bare minimum instead of pushing myself to the the outer recommendations on my program. Doing 8 reps of the 8-10 programmed. Doing 2 sets of the programmed 2-3.

While this is an appropriate approach to take when you sense yourself needing to back down or a little grace within a crazy life, I found that what started out as a little grace turned into a complacency and a “B-” effort when I knew I could give an A+. Or at least a solid A-. lol

Have you ever been there? 

The concept of “Be Better” is one woven through what we do here at Valeo…we pretty much live by the mantra 1% better everyday.

That wasn’t always the case for me personally, though. A few years ago, if someone told me to “Be Better” I would have rolled my eyes and thought about kicking them in the shins. I had walls up when it came to growth, especially personal growth. I was a maxed-out working mom, running two businesses at the time with babies only a year and a half apart. I was trying to walk the walk and be an athlete and eat the right foods and take the right supplements and be the right homemaker and be the right boss. I was trying everyday to survive…don’t tell me be ‘be better.’

Funny thing is, most of those things I’m still doing…but what I’m also doing is ditching the “Be Better” definition I used to subscribe to. Ditching the idea that I have to be something I’m not, a Type A when really I’m a Type B. An Extrovert when really I’m a people-loving Introvert. A perfect healthy eater when sometimes I think beer and pizza should be its own food group. 🙂 “Be Better” used to mean “Aim for Perfection. You’re not good enough; if you ever sit down and relax and enjoy where you are in life, you’re moving backwards.”

Call it a little bit of maturity (yay, 30s!) and a whole lotta grace….but here’s what I believe “Be Better” means now…it’s found not in the illusive idea of perfection but in the small everyday choices:

When the program calls for 2-3 sets of an exercise, if I’m capable in body, I can be capable in mind.  #bebetter. Do 3 sets.

When I’m driving and my thoughts wander down a path of negativity about frustrations at work or home and I start letting that take over my mood, #bebetter. Stop the thoughts in their tracks.

When I’m at Captain Sundae and ordering a flurry, I know I’ll enjoy and be satisfied with every last bite, whether that’s a kid’s cup size or a large. #bebetter. Order the kid’s cup size.

When I want to start scrolling on social media instead of doing my devos for the day, #bebetter. Seek first the Kingdom.

When I stand in front of the kettlebell rack and know I could probably do the next bell up, #bebetter. Choose the heavier bell.

When I know I’ve already enjoyed a few adult bevs this week, I will #bebetter. Drink water only tonight.

When I’m at MetCon and that 3 second countdown to the finish begins, I can either quit with some sloppy reps or #bebetter. Finish strong through the end.

When I’m playing with my boys and simultaneously on my phone, #bebetter. Put the phone away.

When I’m headed to bed, I can sit and mindlessly eat even though I’m not physically hungry or can #bebetter and just brush my teeth and enjoy some sleep.

Small #bebetters are where the magic happens.

It’s an intentional leveling-up that still requires effort but will give you a notch in the belt of accomplishment that could just propel the rest of your day positively.

What is your next #bebetter moment? It’ll be different for everyone, so You Do You and stand proud in that. Cheers to choices, grace and doses of discipline that really are life-giving.

Be Better!
Jess + Team Valeo

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