Team Valeo

One of our Core Values is “constantly learn, always improve.” Aside from all of our coaches having degrees in the Exercise and Health Sciences fields, we have certifications from the top organizations in our industry covering barbell, kettlebell, sandbag, Functional Movement Systems, and Selective Functional Movement Assessment. We are proud to be invited to teach at StrongFirst certification courses, receive mentorship from one of the Top Ten Gyms in the country (Men’s Health), and be a place where local coaches from other gyms seek us out for their own training.

Mike Luepke

Co-Owner / Head Coach / Head Program Designer / Disher of Dad Jokes

Jessica Luepke

Founder & Co-Owner / Obstacle Course Specialist / Coffee Connoisseur / BoyMom

Alli Martz

Athlete / Achiever / Encourager / Chick-Fil-A Fanatic 

Jenny Metzger

Administrative Extraordinaire / Member Experience Expert / Creative / Gardener

Trevor TerHaar

Coach / Leader / Goal-Getter / Chief of Chipotle