holiday tipsThe holiday season sees a surge in health and wellness promotion unlike any other time of year. And for what many consider a valid reason – we are bombarded by increased opportunities to eat, drink, and be merry. Clearly, that kind of indulging can’t be good, right?!

Well…we kinda think it’s okay. Even good!

You see, we love helping our clients maintain an enjoyment for exercise and healthy eating through all the festivities…but not out of “shame” or “should”. When it comes to what’s on your plate, we believe sometimes there are other priorities that should take the place of “clean eating” or “perfect nutrition” as long as these priorities are meaningful and special (read: not the everyday normal).

As the nutrition gurus we are learning under at Precision Nutrition write: “You get to choose what matters to you right now. Is it…

  • feeling good?
  • connecting with loved ones?
  • truly nourishing your body?
  • feeding your soul?
  • remembering your heritage or family traditions?
  • taking the edge off a tough round of holiday shopping?
  • surviving a zany family get-together?

Enjoy some real cookies this holiday season. Or some other thing you enjoy but think is “off limits”.

Just do it consciously. Mindfully. Joyfully. Slowly.

Instead of scarfing it down furtively and waiting for the guilt, savor it. Taste the layers of flavor and try to extract every last one of them.

Stay present and checked in. Choose with purpose. Then move on.”

It’s not always easy, especially if you are used to strict restriction, to indulge guilt-free…but we promise that, at times, it is ok. It’s about making a choice that’s right for you, right now, and being aware of how you got to that decision that leads to true enjoyment of a healthy body (and mind).

Cheers to you this Christmas!
Team Valeo

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