In his book, “The Perfect Day Formula,” author Craig Ballantyne discusses what he calls the 5 Pillars of Transformation. These are common threads across hundreds of success stories – whether that’s something like success in one’s profession or finances or spiritual growth or, in our case: success in physical and mental transformation. 

Reading through these pillars: Which ones are you nailing? Which ones do you feel you’re stuck in? Which ones might you focus on to help yourself move closer to accomplishing your 1% better? 

5 Pillars of Transformation

1) Plan ahead (better than ever).

Come up with 2 solutions for every obstacle you foresee. What will you eat this week? When will you splurge? When are your coached gym sessions this week? What days will you come to Open Gym? What will you do when you walk by the jar of jelly beans in the office? You get it. Planned and purposeful always trumps ‘reactionary’ when it comes to little and big WINS.

2) Get accountability from a coach or a trainer.

Accountability is key to success and research shows better outcomes when you’re held accountable to a professional. Whether that’s checking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on your daily Habits in our nutrition program, tallying points in our (Even More) Awesome Challenge or receiving a friendly text when you miss a session at the gym – accountability is a game-changer and keeps us showing up, doing the results-giving actions.

3) Recruit positive social support to encourage you when things get tough.

If your family’s not quite on board with your desire to implement some positive health changes, link arms with a few co-workers, join a running group, hop on a healthy living Facebook forum, or (our favorite) join a community like Valeo where you’ll find like-minded people also needing help in similar areas who are among the most encouraging, welcoming, positive gym go-ers you’ll find.

4) Give yourself a meaningful incentive for reaching your goal.

Rewards are fun!Did you have a “no sweets week” like you challenged yourself? Buy yourself flowers from the Farmers Market (or maybe a new sweater to stay cozy on these icy days). Have you been intentionally shifting your mindset and enjoying pleasure in the process? Schedule a massage or enjoy a night out with your girlfriends. Did you make it to the gym at least 3 times every week this whole month? Celebrate by enjoying some music and working on your art. Meaningful incentives can help drive your “Why” when you get lost in the mundane.

5) And set a hard deadline for achieving it.

This is the magical pillar as it solidifies a goal while giving light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe it’s a race or a new weight lifting PR or nutritional habit effortlessly integrated or a body composition goal – give yourself a deadline on the calendar. Then refer back to pillar #4. 🙂 

If you’re a member with us and want to refresh your goals or zero-in a particular pillar you’ve already committed to working on, let’s chat. Or if you’re exploring what Valeo is all about, we’d be happy to be your accountability and social support and provide you with incentives and deadlines to help you be that healthy, strong person you want to be. Just click the link below and we’ll be in touch!

I want to take Next Steps and learn how to get started at Valeo.

“A good coach can change a game, but a great coach can change your life. It all starts with a coach who sees something in you that you can’t see. Who believes in you more than you believe in yourself.”

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