Last week we shared the importance and proper form of stretching your hip flexors to “undo the sitting position”. Today we want to show you the most thorough way to ensure all angles or planes of motion are covered. We always like to move the body in three directions to reflect everyday life demands: front/back, side/side, and with rotation. This stretch covers all three planes so is a winner-winner-chicken-dinner when it comes to including it in the RAMP (warm-up) before your workout.

Position 1

Kneel with both knees bent 90 degrees. Keeping tummy drawn tight and torso straight up and down (a slight lean is ok), lift arm of open side overhead. Squeeze back glute as you draw belly button toward spine. Hold for about 30 seconds.

Position 1 (1)

Same as Position 1, only arm gently arcs over body. The shift in stretch should be felt across torso (oblique abs, lats) as well as the side of the back-leg’s hip. Hold for about 30 seconds.

Position 1 (2)

Same as Position 1, only this time, rotate your back leg so it is perpendicular to the front foot. This opens up the hips and focuses the stretch on the groin and inner hip muscles. Hold for about 30 seconds.

Enjoy this 3-position stretch before your next workout and start to feel gentle relief from low back or knee pain, instability, glute weakness and other ailments caused by hip tightness.


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