Last week, we shared how stretching the chest can help undo the bad posture and pain from being “hunched over” screens all day.

If you missed how to do those 3 quick chest stretches, check it out here.

Now that we’ve worked on stretching the front, let’s focus on strengthening the back!

WHY? Our back muscles are responsible for pulling movements. When they are weak or not firing, our smaller neck muscles try to do the job, causing tension and painImproving neuro input and strength to the back muscles improves posture and keeps our structure working well.

Doing pulling exercises without weights at home is tough…so we’re showing you 3 things you can do, no weights required, no matter where you are. They’re easy, simple and yet powerful.

In order of easiest to more difficult:

  • Supine (on your back) Floor Y-T-L
  • Standing Y-T-W
  • Prone (on your belly) Y-T-W-I

Watch the video below to learn how to do each one and give ’em a shot the next time you’ve been sitting over screens!

Let’s get BACK to strong! 

Jess & Team Valeo


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