I want to share a concept with you that’s changed the lives of many of our members here at Valeo.

In fact, just this week, nearly 30 (Even More) Awesome Challenge participants wrapped up a month of laser focus on this very concept. We call it the Core Four.

The Core Four is basically a set of habits that act as Levers you can pull if you want to change your body, your fitness, and your life.

The CORE FOUR Habit Transformation Levers:

1. Move More

2. Eat Well

3. Sleep Deep

4. Stress Less


I know…pretty obvious.

But, here’s what I can tell you from working with thousands of everyday people over the last 16 years at Valeo / Training…

If you’re not seeing the results you want, at least ONE of the above levers holds the answer.

Now, here’s a mini-challenge for you: We’ve got just 10 weeks left of 2021. Can you identify the levers YOU need to pull?

Then, pull ONE at a time!

It’s so common to approach healthy habits with an “all-or-nothing” attitude that just flat out holds people back from making incremental progress.

Don’t be an All-Or-Nothing individual…

Be a 1% Better Every Day kinda person!

Just 1% better every day over the next 10 weeks can mean exponential body and lifestyle changes…vs 0% better and no change.

Wondering where to start?

Look at that list of the Core Four Levers again…If you could ONLY pull one lever right now, which would you pull?

That’s the foundation of the results you’re looking for.

– Jess & Team Valeo


PS – Are you in?! We’d love to hear what Core Four lever you’re going to pull these next 10 weeks. Email us below! We’ll respond with our favorite specific tip to keep you moving forward.

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